Friday, September 2, 2016

I Would Like To Spank The Academy

A.      Tell Me Again How Awesome You Are

If you hear somebody say, “I don’t understand why musicians do cover songs.  I only play original music" you should ask them if anybody has ever covered one of their songs.  The answer is no.  100% of the time, the answer will always be no. 

If you pick an artist that is frequently covered, be it Lynyrd Skynyrd or Selena Gomez, I guarantee you that artist is prone to frequently covering other people’s songs.  That artist knows that it’s all about the music.  It’s not about your ego or your pathetic need to have people tell you that you write great songs.

Johnny Cash wrote great songs (I Walk The Line), Johnny Cash was often the first artist to release great songs that were written by other songwriters (Ring of Fire), and Johnny Cash did covers of great songs that were made popular by other performers (Hurt).  Mr. Cash understood that the music was all that mattered.

B.      No Excuse For Poor Dental Hygiene.

Our newest single is a cover of the song Horse Race by the band Colourmusic

 The budget for this song (a cover song) exceeded the recording budget for our entire last LP.  In addition to that we also spent $4,500 making a music video for the song.

Having always produced our music ourselves, for this song we hired producer Michael Trepagnier (Coldplay) and engineer Kevin Lively (Rage Against The Machine).

In addition we collaborated with David Goad from the band Kali Ra.  He sang lead on the song.

In the internet age of releasing music everything has to fit in a very narrow outline.  We wanted to release our song as LESS LOVE and Kali Ra, but two bands can’t release a song together.  

The distributor will allow you to list it as two bands, but the retailers will only list one band name.

To ensure both bands were credited we had to list our co-collaborator as “ft. Kali Ra.”  That seems stupid considering David is singing lead. 

The more liberated we believe we are, the more confined we become.

The single has done well.  The reviews have been positive.  The music video thus far has been featured in a few indie film festivals.  It won two awards at the KSCR Music Video Awards for Most Dramatic Video and Most Likely to be an Indie Film.  It won Best Music Video at the Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival, and it was nominated for Best Music Video of 2016 by the Global Music Awards.

In addition the song was nominated Best Rock Song / Hard Rock Song of 2016 by the Independent Music Awards.

All that attention for a fucking cover song.

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